Designed with Ryan Engle and our friend Sydney Morris, the Sleeper is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Perfect for anyone looking to ride a “retro” inspired single fin while still being able to surf aggressively. When Sydney came to us she explained that she wanted to ride something old school with her friends at Doheney & San-O but still be able to crank a solid turn inspired by her years of competitive short board experience.

The Sleeper is capable of catching small waves and cruising with the old school crew but isn’t afraid to be put on rail and stand out from the crowd either. Using its mellow entry rocker, wide tail and ample volume it paddles and planes with ease while being more than capable of drawing more progressive lines if that’s what you prefer.
  • Retro-inspired with modern aggressive capability
  • Mellow entry rocker for aggressive lines
  • Plenty of foam for trimming on smaller waves
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  • Customizable.
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