The guild

Established 1983
The Guild: is a group of craftsmen who come together to pursue a common goal.

Since 1983, Waterman's Guild has been renowned for its group of artisans that manufacture surfboards of the finest caliber for some of the best shapers in the business. The obvious next step was to design our own line of surfboards.  

The Guild Surfboards focuses on high-end, retro-inspired designs from a collaboration of some of our favorite artisan shapers and builders.

Each board begins with the Waterman's crew brainstorming and discussing with our shapers about a collaborative board design featuring utility and performance while meeting the customer's needs.

Our shapers then proceed to do what they do best — shape. When a blank has taken form, it returns to Waterman's Guild, where top board builders in the industry construct high-quality pieces of art.

The Guild Surfboards strives to make its conventional longboards and alternative shapes as functional and user-friendly as possible. This gives the rider the best of both worlds — a gorgeous, classic-style surfboard that performs to today's standards because of the combined efforts of the builder and shaper(s).