Designed to be the go to board for the surfer who wants to compromise nothing while surfing smaller waves. Whether you fantasize about long nose rides, stylish drop-knee turns or down the line trimming, the Sequoia will deliver. The boards’ versatility lies in its balanced outline featuring a full nose, sensitive rails, blended nose concave, scooped tail and low rocker. The Sequoia is just what you need to get almost any job done in surf below shoulder high.
  • A full nose for more stability and buoyancy.
  • Sensitive rails with less resistance giving you a high performance, precise surfing experience.
  • Blended nose concave to create lift without compromising a smooth ride.
  • Scooped tail because it looks rad.
  • Low rider that gives you less resistance and more speed.
Additional information
  • Customizable.
  • Best when combined with the Waterman's Guild noserider fin.
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