Designed by our friend and talented young surfer Koe Kisling aka Joe Kookling (instagram @joe_kookling). Joe was looking for noserider that would be more nimble and responsive when on the tail but without giving up the essentials that allow for long noserides. Joe asked us to pull the wide point back behind center and keep the nose slightly narrower than our popular Noserider model. We kept ample nose concave and thinned out the rails making something that Joe can be proud to call the "Kookling"
  • Wide point pulled behind the center increasing the amount of curve—giving you quicker and sharper turns.
  • Nose is slightly more narrow than our popular noserider model. Narrow noses reduce the weight up front which makes it more responsive.
  • Ample nose concave that gives you more speed as you step toward the nose.
  • Thinned rails for more sensitivity and allows sharper turns.
Additional information
  • Customizable.
  • Best when combined with the Waterman's Guild noserider fin.
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