Ryan Martz

Ryan Martz is a second-generation board builder and son of Waterman's Guild founder Greg Martz. When he was seven, Ryan began his journey into surfboard manufacturing by cutting out decals for the shop. Once he got his driver's license, he was promoted to shop kid and changed the lam room floors. After graduating from high school in 1999, Ryan transitioned into a full-time airbrusher, traveling from shop to shop air-brushing boards for many of the best shapers in Orange County, CA. Soon after, Ryan became a full-time laminator and airbrusher at Waterman's Guild.

To expand upon what his father built at Waterman's, Ryan enlisted a dream team of shapers and board-builders to create The Guild Surfboards. After decades of experience working in the industry, Ryan keenly understands what it takes to create stunning works of art with cutting-edge functionality. Further, Ryan's philosophy at The Guild Surfboard emphasizes the importance of superior customer service to ensure every customer is happy with their purchase.