As a child in Osaka, Japan, Eisaku learned the importance of craftsmanship and working with his hands at an early age from his father, a carpenter. As Eisaku got older, he developed a love for surfing and worked to combine his passion for surfing and craftsmanship into surfboard shaping. He used the skills he learned in his father's carpentry shop.

Admiring the work and lifestyle of two legendary shapers, Rusty Preisendorfer and Bob Hurley, Eisaku landed in Huntington Beach, California, 30 years ago.

He was lucky enough to be a part of their workshops, and there he learned all of the basics and ideologies of shaping a surfboard He started developing his own line of hand-shaped surfboards while also ghost-shaping for some of the most respected surfboard brands in the industry, such as Channel Island and Hurley.