Building off of our popular Bandito model, the Poquito Bandito is essentially a squished down Bandito with a few tricks added. The basic Bandido outline was utilized making the Poquito Bandito an extremely versatile board like its big brother and providing it with the same smooth turning characterizes and versatility the Bandito is known for. The Poquito Bandito also maintains the Banditos light blended concave to provide enough lift to aid in nose riding but not so drastic that it inhibits the boards trimming abilities.

The Poquito Bandito features a full outline and nose making it an ideal wave catcher. This also makes the board extremely stable which is beneficial since no rider will be able to resist the temptation to take a trip to the nose despite the Poquito Banditos relatively short length. The boards also comes standard with a versatile quad + single box fin setup making it ideal for stylish single-fin cruising or powerful carving turns in an wide range of surf.

The Guild Showroom