Latin for “prepare for war” the Parabellum is perfect for anyone in need of a versatile board capable of maintaining its composure in heavier conditions. Designed for maximum paddle power to get you in early when you need it most; the Parabellum utilizes a wide point forward outline with a beveled rail for maximum floatation and pin tail to keep you locked in in hollow conditions. Although the Parabellum was originally designed as a step-up board it has also proven to be an extremely fun and versatile board when ridden in smaller conditions. The boards versatility is further enhanced by its ability to be ridden as a single fin, 2+1 or quad. Order the Parabellum a few inches shorter that your standard short board for a versatile every day driver or at the same length or a little longer for a great step-up board for heavier conditions where paddle power is critical.

The Guild Showroom