As a child in Osaka Japan, Eisaku learned the importance of craftsmanship and working with his hands at an early age from his father who was a carpenter. As Eisaku got older he developed a love for surfing and worked to combine his love of surfing and craftsmanship into surfboard shaping using the skills he had learned in his fathers carpentry shop.

Eisaku would soon get on a plane to Huntington Beach, CA to pursue his dream of hand shaping surfboards. It was here that he would develop his own line of hand shaped surfboards while also ghost shaping for some of the most respected surfboard brands in the industry.

Today, Eisaku continues to shape in Huntington Beach just like he has been for the past 30 years. It is an honor for the team at The Guild Surfboards to be able to collaborate with a legend like Eisaku.

The Guild Showroom