The Duster is a versatile blend of modern performance in an old school package. Building off of our years of experience building and riding high performance short boards we infused the Duster with all of the critical elements that make modern short boards work so well including a light single to double concave flowing through the fins and enough rocker to keep you out of trouble when making late drops and re-entries in steeper waves. However, the board also takes influence from days when riders embraced the benefits of having a bit more foam under their feet. Slightly fuller rails, wide point forward and a slight beak nose brings thickness where you need it most to get you in early and down the line fast. Order the Duster a few inches shorter that your standard high performance short board for a versatile every day driver or at the same length or a little longer for a great step-up board for heavier conditions where paddle power is critical. The Duster comes standard as a quad but is also available in a 5-fin configuration for those who like to keep their options open.

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