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The term “Guild” is defined as “a medieval association of craftsmen or merchants, often having considerable power.” Waterman’s Guild has been known as just that since its beginnings in 1983, an association of craftsmen building surfboards to the highest standards for some of the industries best shapers.


It seemed like the logical progression for us to expand and begin building our own line of traditional yet relevant surfboards. To do this we called on some of our favorite shapers to collaborate with us and join our “Guild” of surfboard craftsmen.


Each board begins with the Waterman’s crew brainstorming with our shapers about the best possible surfboard designs based on what our customers are asking for. We then let our shapers do what they do best, shape amazing custom surfboards. Each board then makes its way back to The Waterman’s Guild to receive the best glass job possible and make it into the beautiful piece of functional artwork that every surfboard should be.


The goal of The Guild line of surfboards is to provide our customers with traditional long board and alternative shapes while making them as functional and user friendly as possible. This gives the rider the best of both worlds, a beautiful, classic style surfboard that is totally functional by today’s standards.


More than 50 years laminating surfboards and still going strong.


From high performance to classic cruisers, Griffin's attention to detail produces some of the finest crafts in the industry


Second generation board-builder, Ryan is regarded as one of the best laminators and airbrushers around


A legacy of hand-shaped boards, steeped in tradition and modern inovation


Craftsmen to the core. We've been doing this for a long time.


Califonia's premier glass shop makes sure your board is watertight—every time.

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